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A Children's Book by
Ann Cater

English and Spanish translations available.

Meet Ann

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Ann Cater grew up on a farm in the Deep South, surrounded by both domestic animals and wildlife. As a young child, Ann was encouraged to express herself through poetry and writing. 


This background in writing gave Ann a passion for storytelling that culminated in co-producing two documentaries. A PBS film about Frederick Davis earned an Emmy, garnering national and international acclaim. The second freelance documentary about the Be Like Brit Foundation’s orphanage in Grand Goave, Haiti, aired on ABC affiliate stations in Boston and South Florida. 


Charlotte’s Lost Waterbottle is Ann’s first children’s book. She is currently busy with promotion and researching materials for an historical fiction about her Canadian and Scotland ancestors. 


Charlotte's Lost
Water Bottle

I was raised in a literary environment where reading and writing was revered. As a young child, I was encouraged to read, and to write poetry. Much of what I wrote described nature that surrounded me. I grew up on a farm in the Deep South. Wild animals strayed onto our land, including a wide variety of birds.  


Visiting the zoo with my grandchildren brought back these associations of my earliest memories of farm life, and of the conversations held around the dinner table re-counting the day’s events.   


The loss of Charlotte’s favorite water bottle at the zoo stimulated my imagination to create a children’s book involving the animals to help ease her sadness.  


I was reminded of Aesop’s Fable, Grief and His Due, where the moral states: “It is not well, therefore, to mourn long for the departed; else grief, whose sole pleasure is in such mourning, will be quick to send fresh cause for tears.” 




From the Streets to the Stage: The Journey of Fredrick Davis

"From the Streets to the Stage: The Journey of Fredrick Davis" is the story of a ballet dancer who overcame tremendous odds to achieve his dream of dancing on stages around the world. Through intimate conversations with Fredrick Davis, as well as with the teachers, family, and friends who helped shape his career, the film chronicles Fred's journey from his difficult childhood to today.


"From the Streets to the Stage:
the Journey of Fredrick Davis"

This is my most significant contribution to the art world. The documentary evolved from my relationship with Fredrick, an African-American youth who came from an impoverished background to achieve his dream of dancing with the Dance Theater of Harlem. I've known him since he was 13 and watched him grow and develop into a fine ballet dancer. I conceived of the film, drilled down and raised funds for 3 years to have it produced. I did none of the script writing, shooting or editing, but provided tons of research material to the producers, coordinated interviews and shoots, and was involved throughout the filming process. My name appears in the credits at the end as Coordinating Producer of this 60-minute film which aired in 2015; won a midsouth Regional Emmy in 2016 and became part of the PBS Fall Arts Festival in the fall of 2016. It has aired all over the world and helped Fredrick develop a very successful career. In 2021, the rights were renewed by PBS for another 2 years. Like any good story, it has staying power. I retired from PBS after its premiere in 2015, and have been involved in board development work with several arts nonprofit organizations.


“This tale is of two children’s visit to the zoo and their interactions with the animals and what Charlotte learned in her search for her missing water bottle. The illustrations enhance the story with a message applicable to everyone.”


writer, Signal Mountain Mirror


Meet the Illustrator

Joy N. Taylor | Chattanooga, TN based illustrator.


Contact Me

3118 Colyar Drive | Chattanooga, TN. 37404  |  Tel: 423-902-1351

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